For publishers

Take your publications to the next level by offering a Soft-Copy on the Hard-Copy!

For companies

Add recipes / how to use / advertisement on your products and talk directly to your customer.

For individuals

Upload a video to your card and offer greetings or wishes with your voice and your picture.

Whether you are a professional publisher of a magazine or a company with planned marketing campaign or an individual with a birthday card. You can convert your HARDCOPY to a SOFTCOPY and allow your readers or invitees to watch the story NOT just read it... Simply they can scan the QR Code with their mobiles (using wifi or 3G) and watch the story.

Top reasons to use our service:

  • 1. Track who, when and how people watched your video. Integration with Google Analytics.
  • 2. Hassle free process!. Generate video, Create QR code and Publish it. All in one click.
  • 3. Fully control your content.

Our features

  • I. Mobile Streaming System
    • Our system integrates the state-of-the-art solutions for:
    • A. Pictures to Video Generator
    • B. QR Code generation
    • C. Mobile Video streaming
    • D. Tracking and reporting System
  • II. Video Generator API
    • A. Website video embed
    • B. Professional video editor